My Journey of Faith – Winifred Felix.

My Journey of Faith.I have always wished and prayed for a job or at least something tangible to do immediately after my nysc year. So during my service year, I applied for jobs, lots of jobs. Sending emails upon Emails, yet no response, not even from one firm. Trust me, it gets tiring. Then I … Continue reading My Journey of Faith – Winifred Felix.

Having life figured out

Having life figured out. You know, when I wrote that last article, “Don't waste this crisis”, I thought it was about activities, about learning more skills about doing and doing even if you were mentally exhausted. It's been totally different, God has used the past two months to teach me lessons, that even if I … Continue reading Having life figured out

Weight gain is gradual.

This week has been one busy week for me. Not that I've had a lot of physical activities to do, but I've constantly been working on my phone. Taking up courses online, reading books,surfing the internet and learning new things. In some way, I made sure my exercise routines and meals were not affected. I … Continue reading Weight gain is gradual.

More quantity, equals more calories equals more weight.

The picture above was me today at about 8:28 am, weighing 51kg as against 53kg that I weighed three days ago. Just two days of stress and an unplanned weekend has made me lost up to 2kg. In this weight gain journey, every kg counts and I just lost two. Well, here is what happened … Continue reading More quantity, equals more calories equals more weight.

Interesting avocado pear recipes

. Avocado pear!! I simply can't get enough of this goodness. Apart from it's nutritional value, you can derive interesting recipes and food combinations from avocado. Avocado can be eaten as fruit, it can be used as spread on bread as substitute for butter. You can also blend it with other fruits as smoothie. Avocado … Continue reading Interesting avocado pear recipes